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Offstream Entertainment is a full-service content and talent development company based in Burbank, California.
4000 W Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, California 91505

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Talent Development

We understand the value amazing talent brings to the entertainment industry. Without great talent then we do not have great content to share and connect with. Talent development is a very strong component of our organization.
Here are the areas we specialize in:

Talent Branding

Producing the right images, website, social media branding, styling and more is important to establish yourself as a great talent.

Artist Development

Artists have spent countless hours to perfect their skill set but having the tools to become a successful artist is more than just their talent. We have developed an efficient system to help them get to their goals.


We partner our talent with industry experts for one-on-one training to help them enhance their skills faster and more cost effective than going to specialized schools.

Product Development

When you have established yourself as a strong brand, there are companies who would be eager to work with you as a brand ambassador or you can have your own product centered around your image and message.


To have a strong brand, you have to know your style and your image. We help talent perfect their images through great content, consulting and development.

Talent Consulting

With our commitment to developing the best talent, we consult them on different levels from their business operations to their branding to helping them get proper representation.