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Offstream Entertainment is a full-service content and talent development company based in Burbank, California.
4000 W Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, California 91505

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Content Development

We are dedicated to producing content that is engaging, entertaining and full of opportunities to be distributed to a mass audience. We develop content in multiple platforms in order to enhance its marketability and reach.
Here are the areas we specialize in:

Film Production

From script to screen, we produce content for theaters, festivals and OTT platforms.

TV Production

We love telling stories and TV allows us to expand our stories in episodic fashion.

Digital Production

Whether it's making content for mobile apps, branded entertainment, commercials, web or docu-series, we are constantly producing digital content for the masses.

Music Production

We have a strong team of music producers and songwriters creating music content regularly for film, TV, digital, commercials and more.

Social Media Content

Photos, short form videos, music videos, comedy skits and more are all very important components to a strong social media presence and we have the team to create any content necessary for your social pages.

Social Media Marketing

We have a network of over 120M followers through our social influencer network as well as a high level of experience and knowledge on how to successfully enhance your followers, organically.

Influencer Collaborations

We work with the largest influencers on the planet from Instagram, Snapchat, Music.ly, Facebook and Twitter who are willing to collaborate with our clients on amazing campaigns.

Short Form Content

Creating short form content that will keep your audience engaged without looking or sounding like a commercial is vital so you want a team who can make it happen.

Podcast Production

We have an amazing facility to produce your next podcast show. We work with celebrities, business experts and more who are all looking to have their voices heard.

Podcast Distribution

We partnered with several distribution outlets to make sure your podcast show gets heard such as iHeart Radio, Traklife Radio, Spotify, iTunes, Spreaker and more.

Content Distribution

We understand the importance of having great content but if no one can see it then it does not benefit anyone. We have partnered with several content networks to distribute content from music to film to TV to digital.

Music Licensing

With our stellar production team, we have created a backend system dedicated to cataloging music content to be used for film, TV, social, commercials and more.